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Property Managers Tenant Screening Credit Check and Score

Experienced property managers look for applicants who can pass the test. Such as a good credit report and credit score with no major blips. A property managers tenant screening credit check and score will indicate someone who pays their bills on time with no large, outstanding debts. Good applicants make a property manager’s work easier

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Georgia tenant screening and eviction records

Georgia tenant screening agencies can provide eviction records as part of a background check. Eviction records can be searched either statewide or nationwide. Tenant screening companies will find out where the applicant lived and if they paid their rent. It is a good idea for a Georgia property management company or Georgia community association to

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Tenant Screening During COVID-19

Tenant Screening during COVID-19 pandemic is being provided with little to no interruption in services. As we adapt our work and personal lives to protect ourselves from COVID-19, some processes are changing in order to complete a background screening. Transactions begun prior to the pandemic are still moving forward and new transactions are being completed.

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Background Checks for a Georgia Community Association

Doing Background Checks for a Georgia Community Association When doing background checks for a Georgia Community Association, it is important to order a background check in accordance with policies already in place for the protection and general welfare of those living in the community. Requiring a Georgia Background Check Requiring all new owners and tenants

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Background Screening without a Social Security Number

Credit Reports A common question we often hear is how to get a background screening without a social security number. Most property managers, landlords and homeowner associations want a credit report included when screening buyers and renters. It’s a sensible choice since credit reports include so much information. Credit reports include personal identification, trade lines

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Private Secure Tenant Screening

  Are you receiving private secure tenant screening?  In light of the confirmation by Yahoo of a data breach affecting 500 million user accounts, you may be thinking about your computer security.  If you are a property manager, HOA or condo association, realtor or landlord, you are already managing your applicant’s private information.  Securing this

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Canadian Tenant Screening Credit and Criminal

Canadian Tenant Screening Due to Canadian privacy laws, Canadian Tenant Screening differs from tenant screening in the U.S. Canadians Buy in the U.S. Even with the strengthening of the U.S. dollar, foreign buyers purchase a large share of residential properties.  According to The 2016 Profile of International Activity by the National Association of Realtors, buyers

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Property Manager need a social security number

Does a Property Manager need a social security number? What if your tenant does not want to provide it?  Here’s some answers and ways to manage the issue. Ordering Background Checks Maybe you use a paper application, scan it and send it to the background screening agency.  Or maybe you input the information in a

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Credit Reports to Screen New Buyers

Tenant Credit Reports to Include New Information When using credit reports to screen new buyers, property managers and associations will soon see more information.  Homeowner Association (HOA) payments will be included on credit reports.  Sperlonga Data & Analytics, a credit data aggregator, announced an agreement to furnish homeowner association payment and account status data to

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