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Florida international background checks

    In Florida international background checks are an important part of tenant screening for property managers and homeowner associations.  Recent studies indicate nearly 20% of Florida residents are immigrants.  In addition, the growth in the foreign born population was nearly 40% between the years 2000-2010. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.5% of

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Choosing a Tenant Screening Agency

Choosing a Tenant Screening Agency Some Homeowner Associations (HOA) may manage the entire tenant background check process in house.  This practice may not be cost effective or deliver the best results. Choosing a tenant screening agency can save time and lend expertise to the decision making. Criminal and Sex Offender Record Searches The tenant screening

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Florida Homeowner Association Tenant Screening

Florida Homeowner Association Tenant Screening Tenant screening by a Florida Homeowner Association or a Florida property management company improves the safety and security of communities.  The findings in a tenant screening report can identify financial irresponsibility including foreclosures, criminal records including felonies and misdemeanors, false identify information in the application or a history of disruptive

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Background Check Glossary

  Background Check Glossary The background check industry is filled with technical terms that may appear on criminal searches within a background check for tenant screening.  In order to help our customers understand phrases that may be confusing on a tenant screening report, we have compiled a glossary of legal terms designed to make reading

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Tenant Background Check

Tenant Background Check To obtain a comprehensive tenant background check on a prospective tenant or resident, it may be advisable to perform a county courthouse search in addition to a broad database search. There are many firms selling consumer information which have been derived from databases.  Databases have evolved to become great resources for criminal

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Screening tenants with a FICO Score

Screening tenants with a FICO Score Screening tenants with a FICO Score is a good practice.  A credit report is often requested by property managers or community homeowner associations when screening a prospective tenant or buyer.  Credit reports are an integral part of a background check but interpreting the data can be more difficult than

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Background Checks in a Florida HOA

Background Check Florida HOA When a Florida Community Association is presented with a prospective resident or tenant, it is important to order a background check in accordance with policies already in place for the protection and general welfare of those living in the community. Requiring a Background Check Requiring all new owners and tenants to

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Screening Tenants with Pets in Miami

  Screening Tenants with Pets in Miami Property managers and owners are sometimes reluctant to rent to someone with a pet, fearing if the dog injures someone on their property, they may be held liable. A landlord can outline in their rental agreement whether they accept pets. If the rental agreement prohibits pets, the landlord

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Resident Screening

  Resident Screening Looking back on my own rental property history, I have had some great tenants while others made me want to sell the property as quickly as possible. Years ago, access to applicant information was not as readily available as it is today. Back then, I thought I was a good judge of

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