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Property Managers, HOA, Landlords and Realtors use our online tenant screening platform to save time and money, improve their application process and provide a user friendly experience for their buyers and renters.

Learn how Applycheck can enable your organization to manage background checks more effectively.

No Cost Tenant Screening with Credit Connect

Experian Credit Report & Score | Criminal and Eviction Search

Register – Send Email Invite – Applicant Applies & Pays $29.95

Easier Ways to Order

Orders are accepted through online applications, email and fax.   Place the screening request in your online account or send us the order.

Choose your method.  It’s your choice!

Reports are delivered via email with a quick link to the report.  Reports can be delivered instantly or manually verified.  Generally, verified reports are delivered within 1 to 3 hours.

Customized tenant screening forms provided.


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Verified Reports


Online Application

Online Applications

 Built for Property Managers, our Online Application delivers a robust solution.

Convert your HOA or Condo Association documents to a customized residential online screening application.  Reduce your workload, increase accuracy and provide your applicants a user friendly experience.

Customized applications, document uploads, digital signature, payment processing, required disclosures and reports are combined to create a powerful tenant screening tool.

A quick, easy and efficient way to screen from 1 to any number of applicants.

 International Background Checks

Searches provided in over 240 countries.

We provide the specific consent forms and jurisdictions covered for each country. If time or budget do not allow for a single country criminal, then use our International Tenant Package.

Full Service Tenant Screening Agency

Applycheck is a full-service, authorized credit reporting agency.  A one-stop shop for all your tenant screening needs.

Tenant screening is our specialty.  It’s all we do.

Tenant Credit Reports

Why settle for a tenant credit check?

Applycheck provides complete credit reports with a FICO Score.  Complete credit reports include the applicant’s credit history, credit score, negative accounts, collection accounts and past due amounts.  As well as bankruptcies, tax liens and civil judgments.  Not to mention, a FICO Score is the standard and used by more than 90% of lenders.

View a comprehensive financial history for a clearer picture of your applicant’s ability to pay.  When you order a complete credit report, you receive more  detailed information for a more informed decision.

sample tenant screening credit report
Sample Tenant Criminal Background Report

Criminal Background Checks

What makes us different?

Verified Reports with each record manually checked by a Certified Screener. Sure, we use automated databases, but when there is a hit, those records are manually checked.  If the Nationwide Criminal Search reports a hit, we can provide a County Criminal Court House Search with real time court data.

No Monthly Fees

No Minimums

No Set Up Fees