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Tenant Screening FAQ

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The candidate completes the online application and electronic release which populate an online order ready for processing. The process includes legal disclosures, authorization, digital signature, and the entering in of the applicant’s identifying information.

Yes, all applicants are required to complete the regulatory disclosure form and authorization agreement. We provide these forms to you electronically.

Our professional packages, Pro and Pro Plus, include a wealth of data enabling you to make an informed decision on your candidate. For individual property owners who only require an eviction report, address history, SSN verification and/or criminal history search, choose one of the Basic Packages.

Applycheck handles all of the compliance for you. When a report identifies a “Hit”, our Professional FCRA Certified Screeners will review each report to ensure the records are those of the actual candidate you are screening and reportable by Federal law.

To order full credit reports, all credit bureaus require that you have a site inspection. It’s a simple process that usually lasts under 15 minutes. First, Applycheck will order the site inspection. Then, a contracted site inspector will visit you at a convenient time in your office. They’ll verify that you are working in a secure environment that does not allow public access to your computer. Once the inspection is complete, the inspection agency will notify Applycheck. Upon passing the inspection, Applycheck will give you immediate access to credit reports!

You can order the Basic Package which provides lots of information on your candidate but does not include a credit report. We have designed this package for the individual owner since it does not necessitate a site inspection.

It’s free for property managers, associations and landlords and realtors. We charge the tenant to run the reports you choose, starting at $19.95 per screen.

The online tenant screening application is an option. Once the feature is activated in your account, you may choose to use the feature or continue with your customary ordering process. Applycheck provides a flexible ordering system which adapts to your needs.


Yes, you can use the online tenant screening application and we will charge your account.