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Tenant Screenings and Background Checks​

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Comprehensive background screenings.

Including Domestic, International and No-SSN.​

Applycheck is an authorized credit reporting and full service tenant background screening agency. We cover every jurisdiction nationwide. Our tenant screening products can be used for real estate buyers/renters, employees and volunteers. We provide easy to order screening packages including our most popular tenant screening products.

Global Reach

Our searches span the globe. We provide international background searches in over 240 countries.

Comprehensive Reports

Evictions, Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments, Address History, Criminal Background, Sex-Offender Registry.

Identity Verification

Our SSN Verification will help determine that your applicant is who they say they are.


Our tenant screening products provide alternatives for applicants without a SSN, so you can still receive reporting on their financial condition.


We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our clients and their customers. We use an encrypted web based system to transmit data.


Applycheck is a family-owned company dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.
We like to help.

Pro Services

For Property Managers and Large Condos/HOAs

Our Pro Services provide direct access to our Free Online Tenant Screening Platform so that you can track and manage multiple applications with ease. Send email invites to applicants for online applications or use paper forms. Charge your applicants directly or your account. Get full consumer credit reports with FICO Scores when you complete an on-site inspection. Included cloud storage for your reports, multiple user logins, and more.

Free Online Platform

Easily run your entire screening process online with our Free Online Tenant Screening Platform.

Credit Reports

Get full consumer credit reports with FICO Scores detailing a broad view of an applicant’s credit history.


Automate your application process by converting your association documents to an Online Application.

About Our Screening Products

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FICO Score included in each credit report…

Credit Reports

Applycheck provides a comprehensive tenant credit report detailing a broad view of the applicant’s credit history. A Tenant Credit Report is for non-employment purposes only. We will verify the applicant’s identity information matches their rental application. A FICO credit score is included with our Transunion credit reports. A Vantage Score is included with our Experian credit reports. The ability to quickly, fairly and consistently consider the information provided in a credit report is what makes credit scores so useful. Credit scoring reduces liability while simplifying the review process.

Easy to Read Reports

Our easy to read credit report provides: credit history, payment history, debts, public records (e.g., bankruptcies, liens, and judgments), aliases, address history, and some employment history. Credit account and loan account balances include payment history, collection account or delinquency status. A signed authorization is required. Customer support is available to answer your questions.

Our tenant screening products provide alternatives for applicants without a SSN. You can receive information about the applicant’s financial history through a bankruptcy, lien and judgment search. If the applicant did not pay income tax, was sued and lost in court for non-payment of rent or credit, the court will issue a judgment in favor of the government, creditor, lender or collector. Those records will appear in a search. You will not see the applicant’s history of credit card payment but you will see their negative financial history. Bankruptcy, liens and judgments are big events in someone’s financial history. These civil searches are more revealing than their payment history on a credit card. So even if your applicant does not have a SSN, you can still do your due diligence and receive reporting on their financial condition.

Know your neighbor and protect your property.

Our criminal background check searches a person’s criminal past including everything from misdemeanors and felonies to pending charges. If your applicant has a background of property destruction, sexual offenses or any other crime, it will be included in the report. A criminal search can tell you if the applicant is telling the truth so you can make an informed decision. We provide nationwide, statewide and county criminal searches. Our Nationwide Criminal contains records from numerous local and state criminal record databases including sex offender registries. Records typically detail conviction data including prison and probation sentences, conviction dates, offense history and more. Using the developed names and aliases from our Person Search, all name combinations are used to match potential records in the database assuring you of the most comprehensive search.

Eviction records will detail when an applicant was evicted, the address and any outstanding judgment issued…

Payment and eviction history may be indicative of an applicant’s future payment performance.

Tenants with evictions may be more likely to repeat their practice of non-payment. Eviction records will detail when an applicant was evicted, the address and any outstanding judgment issued. This search includes evictions and judgments that have been filed in court. The eviction search provides automated analysis of millions of county and state-wide eviction records that are collected for our database.

Prevent crime in your community

The sex offender registry search informs you if an applicant is a registered sex offender. Convicted sex offenders should register with their state upon release from prison and update their information when they move. Some crimes require offenders to register for life. Our search includes all 50 states, Washington D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico. Checking an applicant’s history shows due diligence. Performing a background check may reduce liability and exposure to negligent hiring or leasing lawsuits.

A key starting point for a quality background check…

Verify Identity by cross checking address history

Address History provides comprehensive information concerning an applicant’s name and address history. The name search reveals aliases, maiden name(s) and other variations. It returns the address history and corresponding active date range for each location listed. It provides confirmation of the subject’s age/date of birth, and available phone information.

Cross checking reports by a Certified Screener is the best way to verify an applicant’s identity.

Probably, the most effective tool used in determining or verifying identity. The SSN Trace either verifies a number as legitimate or reveals an anomaly (such as an incorrect number or a deceased person’s number), which could indicate a false identity. A SSN Trace will help determine that your applicant is who they say they are, where they have lived, contact information, and identify potential fraud. These reports are also critical in confirming hits on eviction history reports and criminal records. The SSN Trace provides the state and year of Social Security Number issuance, even when the number does not match the applicant information provided, and an expanded address history. Due to human error and other reporting factors, we provide a Social Security Trace to verify any gaps in resident history not provided by the applicant.

Databases can provide a great deal of information but speaking directly to an employer or landlord provides additional insights about your applicant…

We speak directly to past employers and landlords

We contact the landlord or property manager to verify the monthly rent, payment history, proper notice of lease termination, authorized occupants, pets and complaints. Our employment verification will ensure the information provided by the applicant is accurate. We conduct a telephone interview to verify the dates of employment, position held, salary and conduct of the applicant.

Ensure the safety of your community

In our global economy, background checks may need to have an international component. This service provides a database search of over 90 national and international lists such as the Federal Terrorist List, Money Laundering Concern List, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Interpol Fugitives List and the FBI Most Wanted List. These lists include individuals involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, fugitives from justice and much more. If a search identifies a suspected terrorist or fugitive, law enforcement will be notified. This search does not include criminal records in a particular country but rather reports records of an international nature.

Single Country criminal searches provided in over 240 countries. Pricing and turnaround times vary per country.

Canadian Credit, Credit Scores and Criminal Background Checks…

For Canadian applicants, we offer nationwide criminal searches and Transunion credit reports with FICO Scores. In Canada, privacy rules are more stringent than in the USA. Identity verification is required for all criminal record checks in Canada. Applicants are invited to complete their ID verification online. Once identity verification has been received, results can be expected within 1 business day.

Canadian Credit Reports

Canadian Credit Reports include the names of companies that have extended credit and/or loans as well as the credit limits, loan amounts and payment history. Accounts may include retail stores, banks, finance companies, mortgage companies and credit cards as well as the credit limits, loan amounts and payment history. Public records may include court judgments and bankruptcies. Collection Records may include child support payments.

Canadian Credit Scores

The contents of a credit report are translated into a credit score, a numerical value that represents overall creditworthiness. Because a credit score is a snapshot of a credit report at the time the score was calculated, credit scores may change to reflect changes in the report.

Canadian credit score range differs somewhat from a USA credit score range. There are a wide variety of credit scores available, and each lender may use a different score. Generally, the higher a credit score is, the more trust a landlord or business may have in the applicant’s future performance.

Canadian Criminal

A search of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police National Repository of Criminal Records. Using the candidate’s name, date of birth and declared criminal records as provided, a person’s criminal history, including charges and the court’s final ruling are provided.

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Single Screenings

For individual landlords, realtors, and small companies

Best for occassional screenings: order directly from our Products page. We offer packages to match the unique background of your applicant.

Pro Services

For Property Managers and Large Condos/HOAs

With our Pro Services, you get direct access to our screening platform, allowing you to easily order, manage and track multiple applications.


For Applicants who want to screen themselves

Order your own screening that fits your unique background, including basic, rental, employee, volunteer, international, and No-SSN.