Texas Tenant Screening and Eviction Records

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Texas tenant screening agencies can provide eviction records as part of a background check. Eviction records can be searched either statewide or nationwide. Tenant screening companies will find out where the applicant lived and if they paid their rent. It is a good idea for a Texas property management company or Texas community association to request an eviction records search, especially if they have a rental application.

What is an Eviction Records Search?

An eviction records search in a tenant screening will report:

  • Plaintiff Information: the name of the person or entity seeking the eviction.
  • Defendant Information: name and address of the tenant.
  • Judgment Information: Case Number, File Date, Result (if it’s a new filing or Forcible/Entry Detainer, Amount and Court Name.

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Forcible Entry and Detainer

Courts refer to eviction actions as “forcible entry and detainer.” A Forcible Entry and Detainer is an action by a landlord or property owner to remove the existing occupant who refuses to leave after appropriate notice.

What is an Eviction Action?

The landlord alleges the tenant is unlawfully using the premises and asks the court to have the tenant removed. First, the landlord must legally terminate the tenancy in writing. The landlord cannot evict a tenant without proper notice. Then if the tenant doesn’t move out or pay what is owed, the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit against the tenant.

Judgment for Possession

The court may then grant the landlord an Judgment for Possession.

What is a Money Judgment?

money judgment is a court order that awards the plaintiff a sum of money. To recover money during a tenant eviction, the landlord must request a money judgment in the initial eviction complaint. If the judge awards the money judgment to the landlord, the tenant is legally required to pay all the money that is owed plus interest.

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Which tenant screening searches report a Money Judgment?

Money Judgments on a Credit Report

The credit reporting agencies do not report eviction records. That’s why an eviction record search should be part of the tenant screening report. However, if a Texas property management company or owner has received a judgment against the applicant and it is considered final, they may report the unpaid debt as delinquent to the credit bureaus. Once the three major credit reporting agencies, Transunion, Experian and Equifax receive the judgment, it will become part of the records section of the applicant’s credit report. Collection accounts remain on a credit report for seven years from the filing date or delinquency date. Bankruptcies, tax liens and civil court judgments also appear on the credit report. These filings can have a substantial impact on a credit score.

Money Judgments on a Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgment Search

Individual Landlords and small Homeowner Associations may not pass the credentialing requirements to receive credit reports directly. In those cases, Applycheck provides a Bankruptcy, Lien and Judgment search. This search reports negative financial records of your applicant. If the landlord received a money judgment, it will appear on this report.

Landlord Verification

In addition to the eviction record search and credit report, Texas tenant screening companies can provide a landlord verification. A landlord verification is recommended as part of a comprehensive background check. The tenant screening company will contact the applicant’s previous landlord. Payment history, complaints on file and many other aspects of an applicant’s rental history can be provided.

Applicant Past Rental History

An applicant’s past rental history can be an indicator of the applicant’s future behavior. The chance of an applicant previously evicted doing it again is 3 times higher than a renter that has never been evicted.

Credit Score in a Texas Tenant Screening Report

Applicants who have been evicted or have a low credit score, may find it difficult to find a rental. Most property managers or property owners will be unwilling to lease to a tenant with a poor history.

Eviction Records in a Texas Tenant Screening Report

Compare the cost of an eviction search to the court costs, time and loss of income and it is obvious that an eviction record search should be part of your application screening process. Credit, Criminal and eviction records are a good basis for a comprehensive Texas tenant screening report.

Do I Need a Tenant Screening Agency in Texas?

No. Any USA based tenant screening agency can access credit, criminal and eviction records nationwide, statewide or in local courts. As a nationwide online tenant screening agency, Applycheck has access to multiple databases and can complete your Texas tenant screening for buyers and renters.

How to order Tenant Screening from Applycheck?

Either the Property Manager/Landlord/HOA/Realtor can order and pay for the screening report or the applicant can pay and order the report.

When a Property Manager/Landlord/HOA/Realtor orders a report, we provide both an online and paper authorization form so the applicant can authorize the screening. Upon completion of the report, Applycheck will email the person who placed the order, a link to the report.

If the applicant orders and pays for the screening, Applycheck will email the applicant a link to the report. The applicant can share the report by forwarding the email.