Property Manager need a social security number

Does a Property Manager need a social security number?

What if your tenant does not want to provide it?  Here’s some answers and ways to manage the issue.

Ordering Background Checks

Maybe you use a paper application, scan it and send it to the background screening agency.  Or maybe you input the information in a property management or background screening software program.  Ease of use, technology concerns or operations may dictate the choice.  Either way, you probably require a social security number.

SSN Privacy Concerns

Some applicants refuse to divulge their SSN.  They may have a genuine concern with identity theft.  Or they may be trying to hide something.  If you require an SSN in your application, you may refuse an application which does not include the SSN.  However, there are ways to meet your requirements while alleviating the concerns of the applicant.

Need for a SSN

Social Security Number Trace or SSN Trace validates the SSNIt also reports names and addresses associated with a particular SSN. The SSN Trace helps identify the applicant as who they say they are.  It may uncover fraud and disclose names beyond what the applicant has disclosed. The addresses found in the SSN Trace are used to identify jurisdictions for the criminal search.  The SSN is also needed to pull a credit report.  As you can see, a SSN is a key component for tenant screening.

Transunion Smartmove

Transunion Smartmove allows applicants to provide their SSN directly to Transunion through a paperless online application.  The applicant agrees to share their report with the entity in charge of the application process.  Transunion delivers the report to the property manager, HOA, Condo Association or Landlord.  The report has a masked SSN so only the last 4 digits are visible.  This process helps protect the personal information of the applicant.  Applycheck has partnered with Transunion and provides their service through a link on our website.

Applycheck Online Application

Applycheck is a full service agency and directly provides its own paperless online application.  The online application can be used with any screening package.  Again, the applicant supplies their SSN online.  When the background screening report is complete, it is sent to the property manager, association or landlord.  For privacy, the SSN is masked with only the last 4 digits visible.

The online application enhances privacy and helps protect the personal information of the applicant.  As a paperless option it eliminates paper copies.  With less paper, the possibility of a privacy breach is reduced.

With the increase in identity fraud, applicants have a real concern.  Property managers, associations and landlords need to perform their due diligence.  Applycheck provides two ways to address the concerns of both the applicant and management.  Transunion Smartmove and the Applycheck Online Application.  Digital technology in these platforms enables background checks to be performed with enhanced protection of personal information.