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Tenant Screening Services

Tenant Screening Services When researching tenant screening services, look for these 5 things. Identity Development Verifying the identity of the individual is the first step when searching an applicant’s financial and criminal history.  Identity development matches the applicant’s primary identification including: Names including aliases Date of Birth Address History Social Security Number Validation Credit Report

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Middle Names in Tenant Background Checks

Middle Name Now Required for Background Checks You have the name, listed on their application and passport, so what’s the worry?  Well, you may not have the right name.  For example, a married woman may have changed the middle name on her passport to her maiden name, her surname, based on marriage.  But she never

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Tenant Screening Record Requirements

  Tenant Screening Record Requirements Getting a tenant background screening report to complete a transaction is important.  Equally important, you need to be aware of tenant screening record requirements, especially if you have denied an applicant. Fair Credit Report Act The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that promotes accuracy, fairness and

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Paperless Online Tenant Screening

Paperless Online Tenant Screening Platform

What if you could manage your entire screening process from any device, at any time? Applycheck makes it easy with our Online Tenant Screening Platform. Online Tenant Screening Platform From application to payment collection, Applycheck manages your tenant screening in one easy-to-use online tenant screening platform.  The results?  Less hassle and a user friendly experience.  How

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Credit Score for Property Management

Let’s say you have an buyer or rental applicant for one of your managed properties. To increase the likelihood of regular HOA payments and to avoid problems, you want a credit score for property management requirements. But which credit score should you order? Tenant Credit Score for Property Management A credit score will evaluate your

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Florida Tenant Screening and Eviction image

Florida tenant screening and eviction records

Florida tenant screening should include eviction records when screening an applicant for a lease or rental agreement. Eviction records can be searched either statewide or nationwide. Tenant screening agencies can report the applicant address history and if they paid their rent. It is a good idea for a property management company, HOA or a Florida landlord to

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When Condo boards deny rentals in Miami

When Condo Boards Deny Rentals in Miami When Condo boards deny rentals in Miami and Broward County, they should be aware of specific requirements prescribed under county ordinances. Condo boards regularly perform background checks on prospective rental or sales applicants. Background checks are an important part of the tenant screening process. Since 2013, when Condo

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Florida Tenant Screening Companies: FCRA

  Florida Tenant Screening Companies Florida tenant screening companies can provide assistance to Florida property management companies and Florida community associations with compliance under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  Once an association has an applicant for a rental or property sale, they may then proceed with a background check. Fair Credit Reporting Act Requirements

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