Paperless Online Tenant Screening Platform

Paperless Online Tenant Screening Platform

What if you could manage your entire screening process

from any device, at any time?

Applycheck makes it easy with our Online Tenant Screening Platform.

Online Tenant Screening Platform

From application to payment collection, Applycheck manages your tenant screening in one easy-to-use online tenant screening platform.  The results?  Less hassle and a user friendly experience. 

How it Works

Using the applicant’s email address, the entire screening process is completed online.  Invite the applicant or provide Applycheck the name and email so we can send the invite.  Our process eliminates scanning the applicant’s paper application which must be emailed to the screening agency.

The applicant receives a one-time use apply link to be submitted before the assigned application expiration date. Clicking on the link, the applicant fills out the required fields, acknowledgments and adds a digital signature.

Credit Card Payment

Our Online Tenant Screening Platform collects payment from the applicant by credit card.  Furthermore, payment by the applicant eliminates the need for the property manager, association or landlord to collect payment from the applicant.  It then also eliminates invoices and payment to the screening agency.

Mobile Friendly: Any Device, Any Time.

Our Online Tenant Screening Platform can be used on any device, at any time.  The applicant completes the entire request in minutes using their desktop browser or mobile device.  Never lose a transaction. Keep the deal moving forward quickly with our online tenant screening platform.

Tenant Background Screening

Once the application is complete, you will receive a email notification.  Then, the application is routed through our ordering system where we run the searches.  Applycheck then manually verifies each report. Once the  background screening report is complete, you receive an email with a link to the report.  Clicking on the link, you login in to your account, view and then print the report.

Cloud Based Storage

The background screening report and associated documents are stored on our cloud.  Safe, secure and free cloud storage is included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue using my own application?

The online tenant screening platform is an option.  Once the feature is activated in your account, you may choose to use the feature or continue with your customary ordering process. Applycheck provides provides a flexible ordering system which adapts to your needs.  

How does Applycheck Online Tenant Screening Platform Work?

You have three ways to request screens from your applicants – your applicant completes the online screening request, you place the order in your Applycheck online account or send us an email and we place the order.

What is the cost of Applycheck’s Online Tenant Screening Platform?

Applycheck’s Online Tenant Screening Application Platform is free for property managers, associations, landlords and realtors.  There are no monthly fees, setup fees or contracts. We charge the tenant to run the reports you choose, starting at $19.95.

I normally pay for my tenants’ background screening – can I still do that?

Yes, you can use the online tenant screening platform while still making payments.