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How we differ.

Screeningworks did not provide a full consumer credit report with a FICO Score. Screeningworks only provided a risk assessment. Their risk assessment was not an industry standard and was their own methodology. The risk assessment was divided into 3 broad categories – minimal, elevated and severe credit risk.  Why settle for a broad category when you can receive a numerical score, a FICO Score, the same score most banks and mortgage lenders use.  Applycheck provides full consumer credit reports with a FICO Score.

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For Screeningworks clients  who need a new tenant screening agency, we recommend ordering full consumer credit reports with a FICO Score. If you can’t pass the on site inspection required to receive credit reports then Applycheck will provide a bankruptcy, lien and judgment search package which reports negative financial records of your applicant.

Need an Eviction Search for a renter application? Choose the Basic + For Rentals package. All reports include Nationwide Criminal Searches which report felonies and misdemeanors, FBI Most Wanted, U.S. Marshall, U.S. Postal Service Most Wanted, Homeland Security, etc., plus U.S. Sex Offender Registries, known aliases including maiden names.

Screeningworks Customers Receive Credit Reports with FICO Scores.

Applycheck will credential you to receive full consumer credit reports with FICO Scores. Property Managers, Homeowner Associations and Landlords can receive credit reports with an on-site inspection. It’s an easy process and Applycheck will make it happen. Customers can receive our Basic or Basic + packages with no on-site inspection.

Get Credit Reports with a FICO Score or a Bankruptcy, Lien & Judgment Search.

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 applycheck is an authorized credit reporting agency.