International background checks



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International background checks are commonly requested by South Florida community associations and South Florida property managers due to the influx of foreign buyers.

International Background Checks

The 2014 Miami International Buyer Survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) ranks buyers in South Florida by countries and highlights key characteristics of foreign buyers.  According to the survey, 3 out of 7 properties sold were purchased by an international buyer.

Miami Dade Top Countries

The top countries for consumers purchasing properties in Miami-Dade were Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Peru, Spain, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Chile.

Broward County Top Countries

For Broward County, the top countries for consumers buying real estate were Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, China, Ecuador, Chile, France, Germany, and U.K.  The survey confirms the position of South Florida as an international destination.

Foreign Buyers

In many cases, foreign buyers of property in South Florida have not lived in the U.S.  Foreign buyers usually do not show reportable information in a domestic background check.  In such cases, a South Florida community association or a South Florida property manager may order international background checks as part of their tenant screening requirements.

Special Consent Forms

To request international background checks for prospective tenants or buyers, a special consent form along with a scan of the applicant’s passport and government issued ID are required.  In some countries of the EU, the high standards for privacy protection restrict the ability of third parties to access data.


In Germany, only the applicant can make the information request.  Once the search in Germany is complete, a Certificate of Good Conduct is issued by the German Federal Registry Office or the so-called Bundesamt fur Justiz.  The certificate is either mailed or picked up by the applicant.  The applicant can then provide the certificate to the tenant screening agency.

Applycheck Background Screening provides international background checks in over 200 countries. International background checks are more expensive than domestic tenant background checks.  Prices and turnaround times for international background checks vary by country.