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 Better Results.  More Accuracy.

What is a Verified Report?

Verified Reports have been manually checked to match the applicant’s identity data to the search results.

Why choose a Verified Report?

  • To make sure the applicant is who they say they are
  • Eliminate wrong input information by the applicant
  • Includes FCRA compliance (some records cannot be used.  Those records are removed)
  • Includes additional SSN search to find the correct SSN

How do you process a Verified Report?

First, we verify the identity of the applicant using the name, date of birth, addresses and SSN.  Once verified, we run the searches.  Then we match each record to the applicant.

Instant Reports

If time is of the essence, Applycheck provides Instant Reports that are available in seconds.  Your account provides screening reports around the clock , 24/7, to close a deal fast.