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Florida Driving Records

Employers who require workers to drive a vehicle, can easily check the Florida driving records of a job applicant or employee.  Salespersons, delivery drivers and even office staff driving on company time, subject the employer to liability and financial risk.  If an automobile accident occurs, the employer may be subject to medical bills, repair costs and lawsuits from third parties.  It is important to know who is behind the wheel.  Companies should order driving history reports for all employees who drive company or personal vehicles on company time. Knowing the driving history of the person who is transporting goods or people for the business can limit risk.  Employers can learn a lot about the applicant’s driving history by ordering Florida driving records.

What’s included in Florida driving records?

Florida driving records can provide a wealth of information about the driving habits and driving history of the employee or applicant.  Driving records include issuance and expiration dates, traffic convictions, accidents that included a traffic ticket, status such as suspensions or cancellations, points, and driving restrictions such as glasses or hearing aids.

Privacy Laws and Regulations

Federal and state law privacy laws restrict access to personal information.  Congress enacted the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) of 1994 to limit information that may appear on a driving record. Businesses can demonstrate  a permissible use  and access driving records.  In addition, The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires employers to have written permission from the applicant, authorizing the release of the driving record.  Additional requirements under the FCRA, require notices when the employer decides to deny the applicant employment due to information found in a Florida driving record.

Types of Florida driving records

Florida driving records are available as a three year record, a seven year record and a Complete driving record. The three and seven year driving records only contain infractions that were adjudicated by the courts within that period of time. So if the applicant attended traffic school to remove the points, the points and infraction would not appear on the 3 year or 7 year record.  Only the tickets where the applicant was found guilty will appear on a 3 year or 7 year driving record.  The Complete driving record contains all the infractions, even if the applicant attended traffic school to remove the points.

Ordering Options

There are a few ordering options.  Employers may order directly from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).  The Florida State fee for a three year driving record is $8.00.  The processing time to mail the record is within 14 days.  Employers may also receive driving records online, instantly, through a third party provider such as a consumer reporting agency (CRA).  By setting up a commercial account with a CRA, the driving records are reported instantly subject to DMV processing.  In Florida, the turnaround time for online driving records are between 2 to 4 hours.

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